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How to protect yourself against email SPAM?

Of all the annoying pests on the internet, email spam is one of the oldest internet issues. It is also an issue that everyone can relate to. No one is immune to email spam. From Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft himself, to the five-year-old who is helping their grandfather sign up for a brand new email account, email is intrusive and will soon plague all three of these people's lives and everyone else in between.

The only way to truly protect yourself against email spam is to create a brand new email account and never give your email out to anyone or any service or website. As long as you never do anything with your email account, spam cannot find you.

But never doing anything with your email account is not realistic. Everyone needs to send and receive emails, use their email account to instantly message others, use their email to register for important services like online banking, check investing accounts, and obtain a Netflix account.

So you are not able to completely protect yourself from spam, but you can greatly reduce the amount you receive. If only a little bit of spam gets into your email, then your email service can use its anti-spam software to sort all of the spam emails into the spam folder.

So how do you minimize the amount of spam that finds its way into your inbox? By giving a temporary email as a fake email address to any website or app not backed by a major company.

Now, I'm not saying that you should not create accounts with a small blogger website that you frequent. But these small sites and apps are easily hackable, and anyone could steal their email list because of the lack of security.

By giving these websites a temporary email, you will keep your personal email safe, and spammers will send spam emails to the temporary email address, which does not exist.

If you really hate spam email and you don't want it anywhere near your mailbox, you can also sign up for an email platform that is known for its anti-spam software.

Gmail, Outlook, and Hotmail all have anti-spam software built into each platform, but their software is not as powerful as certain subscription-based email clients. For a small fee of less than $15 a month, you can use a powerful email client that built its own anti-spam and anti-malware software.

The thought of paying for an email account is absolutely unthinkable to most people. Still, there are a few advantages to using a subscription-based email platform, and stronger anti-malware software is one of those benefits.

Remember that the fight against spam is an ongoing battle, and the war is never truly one. You have to exercise great caution whenever you are asked for your personal email. You can never truly unsubscribe and erase your email once it is on a list. You may not receive any more emails, but that doesn't mean they deleted your email from their database. Once your email is out there, it's out there. So protect it at all costs.

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