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The difference between a regular mailbox and TEMP MAIL

Everyone out there on the internet has their own personal email address. It is now a necessary part of life in the modern world. However, most people do not open their personal email addresses every day. I myself don't login into my personal email for weeks at a time, as I don’t have to. But most other services on the internet require an email address to sign up and log in. Any subscription-based service, a site that is linked to your financials, or social media platforms requires an email to login and register. So it is important that you have a personal email address.

But when you sign up for all these different services, your personal email mailbox eventually becomes clogged with all of the unopened emails you never got around to reading. Some people have email mailboxes that are so clogged and organized that they would rather create a brand-new personal email than sort through their current mailbox! At first, I thought that creating a new email was lazy and ridiculous, but after trying to sort through my own congested mailbox, I now understand the appeal!

However, not every service needs to be linked to a permanent email address. Some services, apps, and websites will only ask for your email address in the beginning when you register and then never ask for it again. So, it may be handy for you to use temporary email services when you sign up for these platforms. There are few differences when it comes to the mailboxes of permanent email addresses and temporary ones, but each has its own benefits.

Why use a temporary email service? You don’t have to hassle with organizing it!

One of the biggest differences between a regular personal email and a temporary mail is that you don't have to worry about organizing the temporary email mailbox. Since you will only use it for a finite amount of time, there's no need to filter through the spam and delete old emails. In less than a week, your temporary email will be gone and you won’t have to spend hours searching through hundreds of emails to find the one that you want.

And the best part is that if you ever do need to keep an email but it is in your temporary email accounts, just forward it to your personal email! That's all you need to do!

Multiple addresses, one mailbox

When you use a temporary email service, another big difference is that you can have multiple email addresses but only one mailbox. There are plenty of temporary email services that allow their customers to create multiple emails and then have it all connected to one mailbox. When you use a permanent personal email, you only have one mailbox. If you would like a second email to be connected to your mailbox, you have to create a brand new email and then forward all of the emails from the second account over to the first account. That's a lot of work! A temporary email address service does this for you automatically.

The two characteristics above are the two major differences between a regular email mailbox and a temporary email mailbox. As you can see, temporary emails are permanent but they are more flexible

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