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How to prevent other people from seeing your email?

Protecting your email is so important in this day and age. No matter what type of email you have, you should be very wary of who you give your email address. When internet security and safety guides inform their readers about protecting their email, they usually mean protecting it from dangerous entities that are on the internet. Phishing scammers exist on every part of the internet, and their constant success means that they aren't going anywhere.

If a phishing scammer gets a hold of your email, they will send you as many messages as it takes to finally trick you. Phishing scammers are relentless, and they don't care about anyone else but themselves.

Another major issue for everyone who has an email account is spam. Once you start receiving spam, there is no way to stop it. Spam, like a phishing scammer, is relentless. It will never stop coming, and you will never be safe from it again. Depending on the type of email platform you use, all of the spam you receive will either end up in the spam email box or infect your main inbox, and you have to sort through it manually to remove it.

While these are the two biggest issues involving email, they certainly are not the only issues. Different threats exist in this world, and not all of them are on the internet.

Sometimes, the threat to our email does not come from the internet that comes from the person standing right behind us.

Whether we are at work, using a computer at the library, or in the comfort of our home, sometimes the threat to our internet safety is the human being that we say hi to every day. If the threat is at your work, it is most likely your manager or your manager's favorite employee. Managers hate it when employees use work time to check personal email.

If the threat is in your home, it is likely your parents or your partner who clearly doesn't understand boundaries.

If you suspect other people are watching you, do not open your personal email, no matter how badly you need to send an email. Since you now know that people are watching you, it's best to give them as little information as possible. If they do not know which email platform you use, do not give them that information.

To protect yourself and your personal email account, you should use a temporary email service if you need to send an email to anyone.

Using a temporary email is the best tactic to use if you are being watched. Remember that managers can ask the IT department to pull up activity records of any employee they want. So you do not want your manager to know that you have been visiting your personal email account.

But there is one more upside to using a temporary email account. If you use a different temporary email every time you send an email to someone watching you, they will try to figure out which one of the temporary emails is your permanent email account.

Remember, if anyone is watching you, protect yourself and your personal information as best you can.

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