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Are you annoyed by SPAM? Use temporary email addresses.

The most annoying, disrespectful, and downright ridiculous issue that most human beings have to deal with is the mosquito in the real world. This ugly, tiny, invasive, disgusting pest spreads disease to any areas that it reaches and provides no benefit other than feeding frogs. Mankind has been fighting mosquitoes and the destruction that they bring for thousands of years, and it looks like we will be fighting mosquitoes for a few hundred more.

Another pest exists that is just as annoying, useless, and invasive as the mosquito on the internet. And this enemy is just as undefeatable. It is called spam email.

Spam email is so prevalent in our society now that most people expect to get it. There are multiple jokes across countless TV shows and movies about spam email.

Spam email is more common than mosquitos since everyone in the world with an email account has received spam at least once in their life.

I would go as far as to say that spam email is worse than mosquitoes because once you receive a single piece of spam email into your inbox, your fate is sealed. You are now vulnerable to receiving spam email for the rest of your life as long as you have that email account.

So is there a way to minimize the amount of spam email in your inbox? Is there a way to stop it completely?

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely prevent yourself from receiving spam emails. Everyone eventually gets at least one spam email, and once they start arriving in your inbox, there's no way to completely stop them. The only thing a person can do is take extreme caution and follow preventative measures.

Once your email gets on a spam email list, you will always receive spam, as there is no way to take yourself off of the spam email list. But if you follow a few rules and protect your email as much as possible, you can have a very clean inbox in a very small spam folder.

So here's how you can protect yourself and your email account.

The first rule to protecting yourself is to scrutinize every single website that requires your email address.

You could only give your email out to official institutions like online banking, investing accounts, Your Entertainment accounts like Hulu, Netflix, Steam, Microsoft Game Pass, and your bills like the electricity, car insurance, Etc. These services never give their customer's email addresses out to spammers. If they do, the government will crack down on them and charge them millions of dollars worth of fines.

To protect yourself and your email account, use a temporary email address when you need to sign up for an account for an app or website that is not any of the types of sites mentioned above. So if you want to create an account for Flickr, deviantART, Instagram, We suggest that you do not give these types of websites and apps your email. If a website isn't linked to your credit card account, it doesn't need your email.

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