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Should I give my private e-mail address when registering on websites?

Everyone needs a private email. It is one of the most fundamental services. Anyone will utilize it when they are on the internet. Although not everyone uses their email every day or every month, everyone has at least one email. We use our email address to keep track of our different services and subscriptions and remind us of important business such as our doctor's appointments, business meetings, and family gatherings.

Because the email address is so important to communicate with each other, all people should protect their email addresses as best they can.

Giving away your private email address is not something you should take lightly. However, most people on the internet give away their email address as if they have never heard of scammers and spam emails. Every service that requires you to hand over your personal email to access the service you want should be heavily scrutinized before you enter even a single letter into the pop-up’s blank form.

Now, you may be asking yourself, Should I give my private email address when registering on websites? The answer is it depends. While you should not trust every single website and app, that doesn't mean that you can't trust anyone. Some institutions will keep all of your personal information safe and never give out your personal email address or any other personal details to anyone else.

You should use the money rule to figure out to whom you should give your personal email address. The rule is simple: if the website or service asking you for any of your personal information has hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in cash flow or assets, it is safe to give that institution your personal information. This means institutions like Bank of America, Chase, Netflix, Samsung, Ikea, Etsy, Walmart, etc. are safe and will keep your personal information safe.

Mega-companies like these have cybersecurity and IT departments at their headquarters. These departments work around the clock to keep all of the company's information from hackers and cyber-attacks.

This rule also means that the less money a business or service has, the less likely it is to have the proper security to keep their customer’s information safe.

So, what if you want to use a service that is not watched and regulated by the government and kind of sketchy, but the service or platform requires you to give them an email address? Well, that's simple! In that case, use a temporary email instead. When it comes to sketchy or small sites, you don't have to give them your email; just provide them with some random email address that gets you past the registration form.

There are tons of different temporary email services on the internet, and many do not require the user to create an account or pay to use the platform. If you use a temporary email service, you won't receive any mail from the website or app that you were signing up for, but that just means your email address won't be clogged with spam.

Remember, don't give your email address to just anyone! Use a temporary email service whenever you can.

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