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How to prevent your employer from knowing our email address?

There is something very odd happening to managers, bosses, supervisors, and companies in general. Sometime after the early 1980s, the people who employ us got it into their heads that every single one of their employees is not an actual human being. They seem to think that we are all worker drones who have absolutely no life outside of our job. Because they think this way, the demands of those above us and those we work for have grown exponentially.

Now, it is practically a requirement that your boss can reach you wherever and at any time of the day. Since everyone has a smartphone or a cell phone, your boss can contact you no matter where you are.

But even though your boss already has your cell phone number, they will want one more to contact you, and that will be through your personal email. During the first week of your new job, your boss will want your personal email so that they can contact you. This email is expected to be different from your business email or the email you use when sending in resumes and conduct non-work-related business. Everyone has a personal email address that they use most often, and you will be expected to give it to them.

Most people do not want to give their boss their personal email address they use outside of their work. They don't want to do this because they know that once they give their boss their email, their boss can find them wherever they are and get a hold of them at any time, day or night.

So, what should you do if your boss requires you to give them or the company your email address? The answer is obvious: don't give it to them! Instead, give your boss a temporary email address.

So, while your boss is trying to reach you through the temporary email address, you have a little extra time to create a separate email account where you can forward all of your boss's emails.

Just be sure to make your new email address is close to the temporary email address you gave your boss. By doing this, you can say to your boss that you haven't received any of their emails, and you want to check and make sure that they typed the address in the form correctly. Then you can pretend to check it and pretend that they mistyped the address. Now you can tell your boss your correct email, which is your new email, and everything will work as intended. Your boss will have an email where they can reach you, and you will keep your email safe.

All of this may sound kind of sneaky but remember that big corporations don't care about you. If they did, they would not want to inundate your life with their demands and expect you to be on call 24/7. So, remember, never give your email to your boss!

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