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Can I use my email at work?

If you have the type of job that provides each one of its employees with a work email, you will be expected to use that work email whenever you are at work. In most cases, your work email will be the only type of email client you can use whenever you're on the clock. Most managers become upset whenever they catch their employees checking their personal email, and the employee is not on break or at lunch.

So, if you want to open your personal email while you are at work, you better make sure that no managers are walking around before you open your email.

However, that probably won't be a foolproof plan. Most companies now have an IT department, which serves many functions. IT departments are known to fix Internet issues, software issues, and upgrade computers, but the IT department also spies on employees. Companies want to know everything their employees are doing to find the employees who waste time and goof off. So, they have their IT departments monitor all of their employee's internet activity. So even if you don't see any of the managers when you log into your personal email accounts, the company still has a record of it.

But what if you need someone to send you an email? Well, you can't open your personal email accounts on your work computer. Your job will know.

Does that mean you can never receive an email from a friend or family member while you're at work? No, that doesn't mean that at all. It just means you have to be sneaky about it. Give the person who wants to send you an email your work email and tell the sender to use a temporary email service.

So now you may be asking, why can't the sender send an email to me using their own personal email address? Well, do you remember that your job is monitoring all of your internet activity?

If you receive an email from an outside email client, that will look suspicious. Your manager may ask you if the contact who is sending you outside emails is a friend of yours. You can deny what your manager is saying. Then you can show your manager that the email address that the sender is using does not match anyone in your contact list. This is the best part about using a temporary email. This email service automatically deletes itself after a period of time. So, there is no evidence on the sender's end.

If you work at a business with hundreds or thousands of employees, your management might not care if you log in to your personal email once or twice a week. But it is better to be safe than sorry.

If anyone wants to send you an email when you're at work, tell them to send it to your work email and use a temporary email service to send it. Remember, deniability is one of these secret foundations of Big Business!

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