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Why shouldn't we give out our email address?

The digital world is just as important as our real one. Everything we have on the internet and our computers are vital to our daily lives. But many people do not consider the ramifications of giving away their personal information online. Still, they would never give their data away in real life as freely as they would online. Just like you would never give out your address to just anybody who asked for it, you should not do the same with your email address.

Giving away your email address to any website or service is just asking for trouble to come and ruin your life. Your email is attached to your bank account, credit cards, online business if you have one, and any other service with your credit card number. So why would you want to give away something so important and vital? The only thing that hackers and phishing scammers need to do is get a hold of your email, and they will be targeting you for years to come.

Treat your personal email address like you would treat your personal home address and never give it out to anyone unless absolutely necessary, and you trust them completely.

So what should you do if you need an email address to create an account with a website or anything?

To keep yourself safe online, we recommend signing up for a temporary email service and use that email to sign up for any websites you don't fully trust, but the site requires an email to complete an order form or a non-monetary-based transaction. By doing this, you will keep your personal email address safe and not stored in the databases of small websites that don't have cyber-attack protection.

You see, when you use your email to sign up for a bank account or a service like Microsoft Game Pass, you are giving your email to secure companies who will protect it. But when you give away your email for a free ebook from a fitness blogger that has about a thousand followers a month, you're much more likely to receive more spam in the coming months. Some business owners promise their subscribers that they will protect their personal information, but that's not always true. Anyone can do what they want with your email; that's why it's so crucial that you protect it.

Another minor benefit of using temporary email services is that your mailbox won't be full of junk mail, and you'll have a lot less pain too.

So, that does not mean you should use a temporary email service when creating a bank account or signing up for Netflix or Hulu. But you should use a temporary email service when you sign up for a torrenting site, or you are trying to get a freebie from a website offering one in exchange for your email address.

Stop giving away your email to anyone who asks. Use a temporary email service and protect your email at all costs!

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