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How to make the recipient not see our email address?

If you would like to send an email to someone in your contacts list, but you do not want them to see that the email is from you, then you are in a bit of a bind. There is currently no popular email client that allows its users to hide their email address when they send an email.

The only email address you are allowed to hide is the one in the Send to or BCC line. So that means if you send an email to two or more people, then you can hide all of the email addresses in other people's emails, and it will only show in your own sent email. But you cannot hide your own email address when you send an email to someone.

If you want to send an email, but you don't want the recipient to see your email address, you have to use a different type of email service. Several email services allow users to hide their email addresses when sending emails. Still, the services are not a part of Gmail, Outlook, Live, Yahoo Mail, or other popular email platforms.

There are two types of email services that allow users to hide their email addresses: anonymous email platforms and temporary email platforms.

Anonymous email platforms allow their users to send anonymous emails to anyone. However, it may cost you time or money to set up an anonymous email account. Also, some anonymous email platforms require you to provide your real email address. As you may know from our other articles, you should never give your personal email out to any site that wants it.

So, if you already have an anonymous email service you use, you can continue to use it. But if you just want to quickly send an anonymous email without signing up for any services or forking over any money, then you should try using a temporary email address.

Now there are several types of temporary email address services on the internet. One popular service is just an email generator that creates email addresses to use when you're registering for a service, a website, or an app. But this type of service does not come with a mailbox or the ability to send an email.

Since you want to send an email, search for a service called a disposable email service. This type of temporary email service not only provides you with a fake email address and allows you to send emails, but it will also delete the email from the recipient’s mailbox within a certain amount of time.

So once the recipient reads the email, the timer will start, and the email will delete itself when the timer is done.

If you don’t need the email to delete itself, then a regular temporary email service is best for your needs. Just be sure to find one that allows you to send emails, as many just provide an address.

Temporary email mailbox services delete the mailbox after a certain amount of time, so it is perfect if all you want to do is send a few anonymous emails.

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