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How to Prank a Friend Using the TEMP MAIL Service

Life has a strange way of putting an idea into our heads. There will be some days where we wake up in the morning, drink a giant cup of coffee, inhale a breath of fresh cool air as we walk outside, and then decide to prank our best friend this week. As long as you pick the right type of prank that matches well with your target's personality and the prank is not malicious in any way, most people do enjoy a good prank. Once they discover that they are being pranked, shock turns to slight embarrassment and laughter as realization dawns on them.

Yes, a good-natured funny prank is worth its weight in gold. 

But what type of prank should you do? Well, one great tool to use for someone is to use a temporary email service. By using a temporary email service, you can be sneaky and send them all kinds of messages and send them down a rabbit hole. 

Just make sure you don't use your type of writing you say when you're writing. You need to change your grammar and writing style so that the person you are pranking does not figure out it is you.

The mysterious package prank

One type of hilarious prank is the mysterious package prank. Here's how to do it: 

First, by 20 or more of a simple item. You can buy rubber duckies, erasers, popsicles, etc. Just buy something that you know will absolutely confuse your target and then buy a lot of it. 

Second, create a temporary email and make the email sound like a business email.

Third, email your target and tell them that their package is now en route to their house. Two things will happen. They will either send you an email to ask what they bought or, because of the high amounts of spam that is now in everybody's inbox, they will simply ignore the email because they believe it is spam.

Fourth, send them an email every 3 to 4 hours updating them on the status of their package. If you can, schedule some emails to be sent to your target while asleep and at work.

If they ever write an email back to you to reject the package, just say that the purchase is not refundable and the payment has already been received. That will have them looking through their purchase records to find a shipment they did not know about.

If you can, try to make a box look like a real package. If you have the money and the patience, purchase your prank gift from eBay and send it directly to your friend's house. Just make sure all of their information is on the order form, not yours! Or else the prank will be over.

Continue sending your target packages containing small items for the next few months and watch as they go nuts trying to have the packages stopped and as they look for charges on their credit cards or Paypal. Send about six packages in total and make sure each one is something cheap and silly. 

The last email you send your target should be a picture of yourself and all of the package orders. 

And that's how you do the mysterious package prank!

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