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When should we use temporary email addresses?

It used to be so easy to protect your personal email address. All you had to do was let the anti-spam and anti-malware software built into your email addresses platform do its job, and you wouldn't be flooded with dozens of spam emails every day. But it seems like the protective software built into every major email platform is not working anymore. The rate at which we receive spam seems to be growing every day, and it looks like there is no way to stop it.

People are so used to the presence of spam in their inboxes that they are no longer fazed by it. But spam that is in the spam folder and the inbox folder means that your personal email address is floating around on some unsavory email lists that you did not sign up for.

But that is the risk we take whenever we use our personal email to sign up for accounts and registration websites that are less than secure.

When someone uses their email to register or get on a subscriber list, they have no intention of getting on a spam email list. But small website email lists are not secure, so scammers steal them.

Anyone who has a lot of spam in their spam folder and inbox folder should beware of scammers. Since their personal email address has already been compromised, it is only a matter of time before phishing scammers try to send phishing emails to get their target to send them personal details.

So if you have a personal email that isn't being flooded with spam every day, you still have a chance to control what is coming into your inbox. One of the best ways to prevent spam and phishing scammers from invading your life is by using a temporary email service.

So, to keep your personal email address safe and your mailbox squeaky clean, when should you use a temporary email service?

There are two conditions where you should use your temporary email service instead of your personal email.

When you want the free pdf/gift/freebie that a website is offering in exchange for your email.

We have all seen those small personal blogs that offer somebody a freebie in an attempt to get their personal email. These people have no malicious intent as they just want to build their subscriber list. But these small business email lists can be easily hacked and sold. So keep yourself safe and use a temporary email instead of your real email address.

Using temporary email with any site that you would not trust with your credit card information

This is a great rule to remember. We've all seen those websites that I'm not built correctly and are improperly formatted for computer monitors and smartphones. If you see a website like this, you definitely won't trust them with your credit card information. So why would you trust them with your personal email address? If you still want to make an account with such a website, use a temporary email instead.

Remember, when you use a temporary email, write down the email and the password for every website. Or you can have your Chrome or Firefox save that information for you.

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